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Advanced CardioVascular Consultants

Notice Of Changes Effective Jan, 1 2022

To our patients, colleagues, friends and family.


Advanced CardioVascular Consultants would like to inform you all about the change in the practice.


It has become economically impossible to survive in the current market in Rock Island County.


Practicing ethical, guideline-based medicine is the goal of all cardiovascular providers, but unfortunately the market forces are diametrically opposed to this concept. The national politics, the local machinations, and economic pressures will not allow us to practice as we have been.


Effective January 1, 2022, the practice will switch to a telehealth-based practice only. As your advocates, we will do what’s best for you. Payment will be cash only, upfront, and the charge will be $125 for 15 minute increments. This will include visits, phone calls, any correspondence we have to perform for you on your behalf. Obviously, a 30 minute visit would be $250. We are hoping this will reduce our overhead and costs, and still be able to advocate for our patients.


We will advocate for you with your insurance company for procedures and testing on one occasion, no more than that. Refusal by your insurance company for tests and procedures we would recommend, is then something you will have to advocate for yourself with your insurance company. It’s impossible for us to continually get between you and your insurance company. We simply cannot afford to be on hold, keep calling your insurance company and get no reimbursement for all this time and effort we have to provide.


For those of you unable to accept this, your medical records are with your primary physicians. If you would like to find a new cardiologist, we would understand and wish you the best of luck. We are also happy to provide a copy of your medical record to you directly on one occasion by mail.


Reimbursement for physician services has gone down over the years, and many have responded by simply increasing volume, also known as throughput. The abhorrent practice of putting you through many tests so we can make income is something we have never done and never will.


It is with great sadness that we report this, and if the market forces change to allow honest and ethical physicians to survive economically, we shall be happy to adapt.


Advanced CardioVascular Consultants 


Advanced CardioVascular Consultants

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Phone: 309-788-7522


In case of medical emergency, call 911 or your local Emergency Services.

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